Mikayil Odabas

Mar 24, 2020

2 min read

Why we need so hard slowbalisation on this planet!

Since the industrial revolution three things went sky high with the today’s trend of globalisation.

mass production


Unhealthy Competition

The mass production changed our lives rapidly and also very positively. The negative side of this progress is the more and fast exploitation of every-’resource’. Few examples, the fast production of the meat industry, the fast production of the clothing industry *fast fashion*, the fast production of construction and many different other industries. Also the fast producten of the human resources. Beside the fact that the planet is exhausted we the humans are as well exhausted.
If we look at the meat industry, for instance we see that the demand for the chicken and in the meantime the production of the chicken meat industry is well-balanced. Probably due to the effective prediction of sales, and fast raising of chickens unnaturally. I believe the the planet is the reflection of ourselves.

2. Technology has also spread his wing to almost every individual on this planet. with our smartphones the connection with people is better than before and it has brought many positive impacts. Unfortunately as well as the negative impacts. I would like to discuss the negative impacts and the correlation with the globalisation. Back in time, a text message was well thought and well written by the king and the message deliverer had to travel sometimes months before he gave the message to the other king. In those times, being a deliverer of a message was a very important job. Today the impact of having a message is lower than ever before. As you know, on social media the message sharing is immense, the competition is high, and due to that the value is lower.

3. The unhealthy competition is caused because of the countries, and within the countries the cities, and within the cities the communities, and within the communities the people. People are the biggest competitors and the power game is growing due to the opportunities that globalisation has given us. developing countries are competing rapidly and are building like never before. Dominant players: China, USA, Europe as well is competing and all the humanity for more output, more sales, and eventually more money. This competition needs resources. The resources of the planet as well as the humans, in my believe this is unhealthy.

Be more thoughtful with jumping to decisions and judgements regarding to every living creature. We do make impact on each-other, on animals, on plants and the planet.